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Michael Casey's first book, Obscenities, was in the Yale Younger Poet Series in 1972. It was recently reprinted by the Carnegie Mellon University Press. His later books are Millrat, The Million Dollar Hole, Raiding a Whorehouse, and Permanent Party.

The Feral Issue

ns 73-74 | Fall 2009/Spring 2010

The "Feral Issue" presents work by a range of people, from those who have been doing animal studies all along to those newly exploring the field. If it has a leaning, it is to build a cultural materialist account of animals in our world. We hope that the writing here will give our readers a sense of what animal studies is and where it's going, and also add some new voices to its course.

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Published Spring 2006

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by Michael Casey | ns 65-66

Lonnie Kingman
say you must get along with people
and he say
use himself
like an example
every one like Lonnie Kingman
and Lonnie Kingman like every one
except for Pernell Cole
Pernell Cole Lonnie hates
he the big exception
that job ass fucker Pernell
him now the captain driver
him the shitbird bring the mail
ever day from company
and Lonnie Kingman favorite magazine
always absent from the pile
always missing so late so as
Lonnie so pissed he buys a copy
and then the magazine show up
all feisty and ragged assed
like guess who? you guess right there
that job ass fucker Pernell Cole

Critics at Work
ed. Jeffrey J. Williams.
Critics at Work offers a guided tour through the central, sometimes confusing and frequently controversial developments in contemporary literary and cultural criticism. The tour guides, however, are not distant observers but have been primary participants in those developments, and they report on theory, cultural studies, the literary canon, the recent focus on race, sexuality, and other identities, the state of the univerisity, and the role of the intellectual. Throughout, they consider the not always easy negotiation of politics and culture.
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